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Team 5

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Patrick Sweeney
Eric Lieberman
Doga Selen Takunyaci
Jiaming Gu

Craig Calvert



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Research and Development for Collaborative Robot Use in Short-Run Automation

The project's primary objective is to provide a recommendation supported by an ROI (Return on Investment) of a Collaborative Robot (Cobot) that can be used to increase company revenue. The goal of the ROI is to have a break-even mark of a maximum of 2 years. The team will create a list of 15-20 potential opportunities to be further analyzed and narrowed down by a weighted factor analysis (WFA) and other decision-making tools. The Uconn and Horst Teams will agree upon the criteria used throughout the selection process. The complete list will be condensed to 3 potential implementation opportunities. A business case, including a comparison of the final three opportunities based on a cost analysis, will be created for each of these three applications. This will then be used to identify which option is best suited to be implemented at this time. A detailed engineering plan will support the selected opportunity. The engineering plan will include an in-depth review of how a Cobot can accomplish the assigned task supported with CAD Models, simulations, and technical drawings.