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Team 02

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Samuel Trudeau
Charli Zaretsky
Garrett Pruden

Vito Moreno


ACMT, Inc.

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Form Measuring Tool

This project details the redesign of a hydraulic press to incorporate sensors to allow for parts in the manufacturing process to be both formed and measured within the same process. It is a primary goal of manufacturing companies to optimize their process wherever possible, while still maintaining the safety of their work environment and the quality of their products. Our team has worked on the development of a model that is able to increase the efficiency with which parts are pressed and measured for quality assurance. The redesigned press incorporates features of both their current hydraulic press and a pneumatic prototype that integrates a measurement sensor into the top plate of the press. There are numerous advantages to this proposed design including drastically reduced production and inspection times, reduced machine footprint, and lowered cost of expanding production. This project contains information about the analytical calculations, CAD modeling and ANSYS simulations used to design the press frame and structure, and the verification of the measurement prototype to determine its accuracy in meeting the measurement requirements for this part.