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Investigation and Validation of Optimized Flow Control System

The objective of this project is to improve and modify Bauer’s existing flow control system that precisely adjusts the amount of fuel flow running through a component to test for accuracy of the component as well as leaks. Bauer manufactures aircraft component test stands that will simulate the conditions that a test unit will undergo during flight. The components that are tested on these stands include fuel controls and actuators that are crucial for an aircraft's flight. These stands must be highly accurate when being created as a single part not meeting the current requirements can cause catastrophic failure mid-flight. This is why Bauer is looking to improve the fuel control system as the current system can only function between 20 and 110 Gallons/Min (GPM). Increasing the flow range will allow Bauer to test components to a higher degree and also allow them to increase the amount of components that they can offer tests for. As requested by Bauer, the new implemented or changed components must reach the pressure limits as per the schematic provided. Bauer had also requested that not many of the parts that are within the test stand be changed as they are required to run the tests to pass the component that is attached. The main components that we will be changing are the control valve and the bypass compensator. Specifically, the new fuel control system that is implemented must reach 0 GPM on the low end while it must also reach 200 GPM on the high end. There is no specific increment in fuel flow that Bauer requested, only that the parts do not change the flow in large steps. A large step can be assumed to be 5-10 GPM. On top of this, there is no specific accuracy requested as each component that will be tested by these stands request a different level of accuracy.