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Ateeb Rahman
Theodore Fischer

David Giblin



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Digital Framework for Space Vehicle Attitude Control Requirements Verification

The Digital Framework for Space Vehicle Attitude Control Requirements Verification project being undertaken by ME 28 and EE 20 investigates the new open source MBSE and data integration software OpenMBEE for use by Draper. The exploration process consists of creating models for a given SOI, in this case the attitude control system of a spacecraft, and using OpenMBEE to create a digital framework. This framework will be able to automatically control the flow of information between models and verify requirements using data produced using a simulation of the physical behavior of the SOI. Currently the project has progressed past the extensive research phase and has begun creating the models that will be integrated. So far the requirements and architecture models have been created while the physics models are currently being constructed and evaluated. After this evaluation phase the OpenMBEE framework consisting of a view explorer and model management server will be implemented and integrated with the models. The process for creating the framework and its performance will be extensively documented and will serve as a guide for future development and use by Draper.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 20 on this project.