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Darien Lloyd
Mitchell Duyck

Tom Mealy


Volo Aero MRO

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CMM Fixture Design to Optimize Inspection

The goal of this project is to provide the design and implementation of fixturing to streamline the inspection process of repaired compressor wheels. Aircraft components are very complex and require very precise tolerances to perform as expected in the original design. Oftentimes when components are damaged during use it is more time and cost efficient to repair the damaged part in lieu of replacing them. During their inspection of repaired components, Volo Aero MRO uses a device called the Coordinate Measurement Machine, or CMM. Currently the inspection process for repaired compressor wheels does not include a fixture requiring the operator to manually inspect the component with controls present on the CMM. A fixture would allow the operator to set up the inspection and allow the CMM to run a program stepping through acquiring data points automatically. The fixture designed must maintain a reliable repeatability, reproducibility, and time saving to operationally improve the inspection process. Specifically, the fixture should maintain the same accuracy of the CMM, which is .0002”, and improve the time required by the operator by at least 50%.