Team 14

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Jesse Trottier
Abhishek Singh
Sayara Silwal
Cristian Lopez

Dr. Sangamesh Kumbar


University of Connecticut

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Lab-on-a-Chip Microfluidic Platform for Studying the Blood Brain Barrier

The Blood Brain Barrier acts as the primary impedance to delivering drugs and other compounds to the brain. Understanding the Blood Brain Barrier’s role in molecule prevention is integral to our understanding of neurological diseases. Using 3-D printing methods, these chips can be manufactured at a lower cost and allow for modifications on the chip's materials to improve cell viability and chip durability. Additionally, the integration of sensors and imaging techniques could provide real-time monitoring and analysis of barrier integrity and drug transport. The senior design team working on this project will research and design a lab-on-a-chip device with in-built sensors and imaging systems to model the blood-brain-barrier. The device should ideally allow for multiple drugs/molecules to be tested on a single chip.