Team 002

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Wasif Zaman
Katelyn Honegger
Alanna Smith
David Gan

Burcu Beykal


UConn College of Engineering

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Design and Optimization of a Multi-effect Desalination Unit Integrated with a Gas Turbine Plant

In 2022, the United Nations reported that 2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water, and about half of the world experiences water scarcity. To combat this, a desalination process is used in dry regions where rainfall or underground water is limited. Desalination is a process that separates salt from sea water to produce freshwater, but it requires a large energy source. Our goal for this project is to simulate a desalination unit and power it using wasted heat from a gas turbine power plant. A combined cycle gas turbine power plant combusts natural gas and air to create enough heat to make steam. Our team modeled a desalination unit and gas turbine power plant using a software called Aspen Plus. We based our models off data from the University of Connecticut’s Cogeneration Power Plant and existing papers on desalination. Aspen Plus makes it easier to analyze and manipulate large-scale projects in a smaller and controlled environment. After electric and heat demands are met, leftover steam is sent to power the desalination unit. We are performing analyses on the efficiency, economics, and environmental impact on the combined systems. Additionally, we’re analyzing how we can power the system during the winter, as there may not be as much leftover steam. This allows us to create the best process that can be applied to current gas turbine power plants located in areas affected by water scarcity.