Team 8

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Salvatore Lindh
Jonathan Bustamante
Victoria Godlewski
Christopher Sparaco
Sarah Suleman

Shinae Jang


Manafort Brothers

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UConn Southwest Campus Infrastructure Upgrades

The purpose of this project is to complete quantity takeoffs of the utility work for the UConn Southwest Campus Infrastructure Upgrades to develop the lowest bid that will allow the project to be awarded to our senior design team. The project consists of replacing the utilities in the areas of Alumni Drive, Jim Calhoun Way, Husky Circle Lot and Nathan Hale Hall. Included in this project is the Uconn Stadia project which will replace the existing facilities with new stadia for baseball, soccer, and softball. The utilities that are involved in this project include sanitary sewers, storm drainage, domestic water and fire piping. Other renovations for this project include new lighting, sidewalks and paving. After the bid is created it will then be used to create a resource loaded project schedule and work plan that describes how the project will be completed. Another part of this project is creating a submittal log and preparing the submittals required by Manafort Brothers Incorporated. The upfront submittals include a resource-loaded schedule, project materials submittals, work plan, water main flushing and disinfection plan, and key personnel.