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Kristen Angeli
Emily Root

Dr. Farhad Imani


AI-Tek Instruments

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Improved Performance of Magnetic Speed Sensor Analyzer

Speed sensors are devices that connect the mechanical and electrical worlds, converting rotational motion of an object into voltage in order to measure rotational speed. The sponsor of this project, AI-Tek Instruments, manufactures over 100 different types and sizes of speed sensors that must meet the requirements of their customers prior to leaving the facility. To ensure the safety of the speed sensors, test analyzers are used to check for proper quality and characteristics. The goal of this project is to redesign a currently defective speed sensor analyzer that will eventually be used in the testing process. Due to the high volume of speed sensors that will be tested at one time, or batch testing, this analyzer must be fully automated, ensuring that the variables for each testing process remains unchanged for hundreds of speed sensors being tested consecutively and also saves the company time with less manual adjustments being made. It is the goal of the project to significantly increase the repeatability of the analyzer, reduce noise in the outputted data, as well as reduce the time it takes to test each individual sensor to help AI-Tek Instruments increase efficiency and production.

Our team collaborated with Computer Science & Engineering 37,Electrical and Computer Engineering 17 on this project.