Team 24

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Kevin Lyle
Carole Nyenyezi
Nicholas Cody
John Frank

Nejat Olgac



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Rotating Machinery Fault Simulator

Rotating machinery faults refer to malfunctions that occur in equipment with rotating components, such as motors, pumps, turbines, and other rotating parts. There are various faults that rotating machinery can experience, including misalignment, unbalance, bearing failure, and many more. The occurrence of these faults on components indicate underlying issues within the machine. Identifying and addressing these faults is crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient operation of industrial equipment. In response to the demand for proactive equipment health monitoring, the Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) advocates the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors on equipment health monitoring to allow for timely diagnosis and servicing, preventing serious and costly problems. This project aims to design a desktop simulator that can simulate and recreate the motion characteristic of a faulty machine for the development and testing of vibration sensors' fault detection capabilities.