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Benjamin Chasse

Julian Norato


UCONN, Dr. Julian Norato

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A Julia Implementation of Density-Based Topology Optimization for Dynamics Problems

This project consists of two parts: the first is a Julia implementation of existing topology optimization algorithms written in MATLAB. The existing codes are simple compliance minimization problems, but due to the nature of traditional high-level scripting languages like MATLAB, become computationally expensive as problem sizes increase. Julia, while another high-level scripting language used for scientific computing, boasts that it is closer in terms of computation times to compiled languages like C. While still being slightly slower, it is computationally advantageous to perform such topology optimization algorithms in Julia compared to MATLAB. The Julia implementation of the compliance minimization topology optimization problems will demonstrate equivalent outputted results at a fraction of the computational cost. The second portion of this project will be to augment the Julia compliance minimization code for solid, isotropic structures to solve for dynamics based criteria. The extension to dynamics driven criteria will require additional features in the topology optimization code. The topology optimizer will be capable of determining and designing based on the natural frequencies of the structure, so an eigen-solver will be required in the code. There will also be additional requirements in the calculation of design sensitivities, as well as accommodating for spurious modes. The performance of the structures will finally be evaluated using ABAQUS.