Team 02

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Tyler Lindberg
Akhil Saini
Peter Alonzo
Krishna Chilakapati
Matthew Frias
Zachary Kollar

Yufeng Wu


Sonalysts, Inc.

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Kubernetes Cloud Orchestration Simulation

Our senior design project is a locally-executed simulation of a Kubernetes' application scheduler that was created with our chosen simulation tool: KWOK. This project, sponsored by Sonalysts, Inc., was required to demonstrate several aspects of the scheduling process, including pod priority, pod failures, and the ability to show computing resource consumption. Before picking our final cloud technology, we conducted hands-on research on a number of other platforms like K3D/K3S, Alibaba, and Rancher. To rule out other options, we also considered evaluation criteria such as licensing/pricing, deployment time, and access to documentation. We completed this project by setting up a local instance of KWOK in a virtual machine so we could run commands, create nodes and pods, and showcase the behavior of the application scheduler. Through this, we found a variety of commands and pod test sets that allowed us to show various behaviors regarding how Kubernetes handles conflicting priorities and resource needs. We also streamlined the programming process by developing a Python script to simplify commands and test sets for easy use. Alongside our software deliverable, we also created a poster board, video, and documentation to compile all of our findings and research for this design project.